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Colleen Ballinger Biography: Top Movies & TV Shows, Age, Net Worth, Birthday And Family

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Colleen Ballinger, an American comedian, YouTuber, actress, singer, and writer, gained fame by creating and performing as the Internet character Miranda Sings. She posted videos of Miranda on YouTube, took her one-woman comedy act to theaters worldwide, and even starred in a Netflix original series called Haters Back Off (2016–2017). Here we present Colleen Ballinger biography to get an insight about her personal life, career and net worth.

Colleen Ballinger Biography : Personal information

First and foremost the Colleen Ballinger biography includes her personal information. The actress, writer, and producer Colleen Ballinger, who is famous for playing Miranda Sings, was born in Santa Barbara, California, USA, on November 21, 1986. Her given name is Colleen Mae Ballinger, and she goes by the nickname Miranda Sings Cookie.

Colleen Ballinger lived in Santa Barbara, California, when she was a child. Her dad, Tim Ballinger, worked as a sales manager, and her mom, Gwen Ballinger, took care of their home. She homeschooled during middle school, subsequently attended San Marcos High School. And ultimately completed her major in vocal performance at Azusa Pacific University in 2008. Colleen has two older brothers, Christopher and Trent, and a younger sister named Rachel.

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Colleen Ballinger : Family

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Ballinger and Joshua Evans tied the knot in California in July 2015 after dating for several years. However, in September 2016, they both announced their divorce in separate YouTube videos.

Colleen Ballinger crossed paths with actor Erik Stocklin in 2016 when she cast him to play Patrick, Miranda’s love interest, in “Haters Back Off.” Eventually, they began dating in early 2018 and later married the same year. The couple has three children: Flynn Stocklin, Wesley Koy Stocklin, and Maisy Joanne Stocklin.

She’s an aunt to her siblings’ kids, like Bailey Ballinger, Jake Ballinger, Parker Ballinger, Duncan Ballinger, Luke Ballinger, and Teddy Ballinger

Colleen Ballinger : Career

The Colleen Ballinger Biography, like any other biography, is incomplete without career details.

Colleen Ballinger : Top Movies

#1. Angry Birds Movie 2

She gave voice to the character Roxanne in Angry Birds Movie 2.

Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, and Rovio Animation produced and released “The Angry Birds Movie 2,” a 2019 computer-animated action comedy adapted from Rovio Entertainment’s video game series. Sony Pictures Releasing distributed the film to theaters.

In the storyline, birds Red (Sudeikis), Chuck (Gad), Bomb (McBride), and Silver (Bloom) team up with pigs Leonard (Hader), Courtney (Awkwafina), and Garry (Brown). Their mission? Thwart the plans of Zeta (Jones) and the eagles on Eagle Island. Why? Moreover, an ice ball, propelled by Zeta’s super-weapon, poses a threat to both the birds’ and pigs’ islands.

Colleen Ballinger : Top TV Shows and Web Series

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#1. Miranda Sings

In 2008, Colleen Ballinger crafted Miranda Sings, a parody teenage girl with a deliberately annoying personality. As a 21-year-old student at Azusa Pacific, she effortlessly slipped into Miranda’s character by wearing specific attire and a unique accent. It was always a part of the character’s charm that people were meant not to like Miranda Sings.

#2. Dr. Fubalous

She took on the role of Nurse Royal in the story where Dr. Fubalous and his dedicated head nurse, Papa Skwaught, put in considerable effort to kickstart their hip-hop careers. The doctors’ ambitious musical aspirations face a hurdle when a rival emerges. However, a rap competitor, Tyrannosaurus Death, enters the picture and is determined to stay only if they engage in a hip-hop showdown.

#3. Haters Back Off

Colleen Ballinger, the creator of the YouTube character Miranda Sings, brought her creation to life in the Netflix original television comedy series “Haters Back Off.” This series, which aired two seasons in October 2016 and 2017. The series delves into Miranda Sings’ odd world as she pursues YouTube fame. Each 30-minute episode chronicles her self-centered journey. In simple terms, every 30-minute show tells us about Miranda’s path to becoming famous and the problems she has to deal with because she doesn’t care about how others feel.

The cast includes Colleen Ballinger as Miranda, Angela Kinsey as her mother Bethany, Steve Little as her uncle Jim, Francesca Reale as her sister Emily, and Erik Stocklin as her best friend and romantic interest, Patrick. Season 2 introduced Matt Besser as Miranda’s estranged father. Netflix described the show as “a bizarre family comedy, and a commentary on society today and our fascination with fame.” Meanwhile, Colleen Ballinger played the main role in 16 episodes and also served as a co-writer and executive producer.

#4. Escape the Night

Joey Graceffa created, hosted, produced, and owned the American reality television series “Escape the Night,” which premiered on June 22, 2016, exclusively on YouTube Premium. This TV show is all about made-up stories that are like scary and mysterious stories with murders. Brian Graden Media released the fourth season on July 11, 2019, handling its production.

As of September 4, 2019, they had shown 40 episodes of the series, which also had seven special episodes. This was the end of the fourth season. Notably, it held the title of the longest-running series on YouTube Premium until 2020, when Joey Graceffa announced his decision to sell the series to a different network for its fifth season. In the TV show, she acted as “The Duchess” and showed up in nine episodes.

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Net Worth

Colleen Ballinger biography here gives an insight into her net worth. Renowned American comedian, actress, singer, and YouTube sensation Colleen Ballinger has achieved a net worth of $12 million. She is internationally acclaimed for her online alter ego, Miranda Sings, a character she portrays in videos uploaded regularly on YouTube and in live performances at comedy clubs and theaters worldwide. Colleen’s YouTube channel, Psychosoprano, has gained immense popularity.

Ballinger has shown her skills in small theater performances and has appeared on TV and online shows. She’s even been part of many music albums. Right now, her videos on YouTube have been watched more than 2 billion times, and she has around 10 million people following her.

One cool time was when she acted as Miranda Sings on “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” with Jerry Seinfeld and also on The Tonight Show in 2014. Colleen Ballinger has secured her position among the top 100 most influential YouTubers.

Her comedy channel, Miranda Sings, holds the 7th rank, while her Psychosoprano channel occupies the 17th position among YouTube comedy channels. In 2015, Colleen successfully authored a memoir and secured a deal for a Netflix series. Right now, all the things she does make her earn $5 million every year.


In simple terms, Colleen Ballinger’s incredible journey showcases her deep love for entertaining people. She’s made people happy from small theaters to the massive internet stage with her talent, humor, and one-of-a-kind creations. And she’s not done yet! Her popularity is still growing, which means there will be more funny moments, more music, and more magical experiences for her fans worldwide. Her impressive impact on the entertainment world will be remembered for a long time.

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