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New Orleans : The Ultimate Tour Guide, Flights, Hotels, Restaurants & Foods And Activities

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Everyone wants to go for a vacation and Delve some new places. New Orleans is one of those cities that you should go and explore once in your life. People also call this city ‘The Big Easy’. The energy of this city is just next level and it’s so lively that you will like to visit again here. This city is located in the Southeastern part of the United States. Not just one but this city is a mixture of French, African, Spanish, and Creole cultures and when you reach there you will find yourself getting deep into these influences.

Let us cover all the information you should know to plan your vacation easily.

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How To Reach New Orleans : Flights

New Orleans : Flights

The Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport (MSY) serves as the city’s primary gateway. Remember this name as this is the most important Airport which connects all the world with New Orleans. The airport is very close to the heart of New Orleans so it will be very easy for you to reach your hotel with your taxi or bus and take a rest before enjoying your trip happily.

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When you book your flight, think about things like how long it takes to get there, how long you’ll wait during layovers, and how much money you want to spend. Some cities have direct flights to New Orleans, which are more comfortable, but connecting flights can be cheaper.

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Where To Stay In New Orleans : Hotels

#1. French Quarter : New Orleans

You can find fancy resorts here for all budgets. If you want to live in some historic place then The French Quarter is best for you as its historic charm and vibrant atmosphere will blow your mind and this is one of the most popular areas to stay in New Orleans for you. You can see boutique hotels, upscale options, and charming bed-and-breakfasts.

#2. Garden District Bed-And-Breakfasts

If you want a quieter place to stay that doesn’t have too much noise for a proper residential experience, then you should consider the Garden District. They let you experience local life and explore New Orleans with an intimate stay.

#3. Warehouse District and CBD Hotels

If you are looking for the best New Orleans experience then go all out and stay in a Warehouse District and CBD Hotels. These places have some contemporary hotels that are specially for business travelers and those who are seeking more experience in urban areas. This area attracts people because of the National WWII Museum and the Arts District too.

#4. Marigny And Bywater : New Orleans

If you are a person who likes live music venues then Marigny and Bywater is the best place for you. This place is famous for its colorful shotgun houses as well so this place will fill your life with colors for sure. You can also get guesthouses and artistic boutique hotels here on a good budget.

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Where to Eat In New Orleans : Restaurants & Foods

New Orleans : Restaurants & Foods

New Orleans is a place where you can enjoy a delicious culinary adventure that shows off its diverse culture and lots of tasty food. Let me give you some options.

Café du Monde : New Orleans

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Your trip is incomplete without visiting this place. This is a cafe that is open air and has a beautiful ambiance to click some selfies. This café serves French Quarter which is technically powdered sugar-dusted pastries 24/7.

Commander’s Palace

For a unique experience, this restaurant is the place where you should go. Commander’s Palace is a top choice for people who love to explore food choices as this place serves turtle soup and bread pudding soufflé.

Acme Oyster House : New Orleans

New Orleans is a dream for seafood fans because of its fresh and yummy oysters, po’boys, and gumbo. You can enjoy fresh oyster dishes at this place for a quintessential New Orleans dining experience.

For the group who love bakery items like sandwiches then Parkway Bakery and Tavern is gonna be your favorite place. Their specialties are overstuffed sandwiches which are famous for their stuffing.

Romantic Dinners: You can have a romantic dinner at many resorts here. They set up private dining as well and you get a special menu for a private and cozy dinner date.

Top Activities In New Orleans

This beautiful city is famous for its vibrant culture and endless entertainment. You can explore so many things here so let’s get into the list of what activities you can do in this city as soon as you land.

Explore The French Quarter

Historic charm always attracts people which is why the French Quarter attracts so many tourists as they can Wander through the historic streets here. This place has a different colorful architecture and a hidden courtyard which can make you curious when you take a tour here. Never forget these two places to visit Jackson Square and St. Louis Cathedral.

Jazz It Up on Frenchmen Street

Music lovers here are some suggestions for you. There is a center of Orleans’ live music and that is Frenchmen Street. You can hear some soulful sounds here by exploring its jazz clubs, bars, and music venues.

Take A Steamboat Cruise

Who are those people who don’t like beautiful rivers? A steamboat cruise is a must-visit cruise in the Mississippi River. These are those luxurious cruises that have jazz music and dining options. Breathtaking views of the riverfront are a bonus for you.

Visit the National WWII Museum

People who are interested in some histories then go to the National WWII Museum. The museum is one of the top-rated museums in the world. It offers a comprehensive and moving look at the history of World War II.

Join A Second Line Parade

You should have a one-in-a-lifetime experience here with the lively tradition of a Second Line parade. Celebration is filled here with colorful umbrellas and dancing locals. Just Check for upcoming parades beforehand and plan accordingly to join the fun.

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Conclusion : New Orleans Tour

New Orleans is a very Dreamy city which also helps you to calm down and Retreat from your stressful life. If you plan well and book everything in advance then you will not face any issues when you reach there. There are so many exciting things to do. You won’t believe how many days you have already spent there and how many are left. With a blend of historical environment and stunning modern blend, you can get a great or a different experience for sure.

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