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10 Benefits of Eating Custard Apple

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Custard Apple is a green, cone-shaped fruit with leathery skin and creamy, sweet pulp. Winter has arrived if it starts appearing in the market; it is considered so in India. Custard Apple is used in puddings, milkshakes, and ice creams because of its sugary, solid taste. Refreshing skin, boosting vitality, and managing diabetes are some benefits of eating custard apple.

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Other Names of Custard Apple

Custard Apple is also called Cherimoya (Annona Cherimola). Custard Apple is called “Sitaphal” in Hindi and Telugu, “Sharifa” in Punjabi, and “Sitapazham” in Malayalam. In many countries and places, it is also known as sugar apple, cherimoya, or sweetsop. The scientific names of Custard Apple are Annona squamosa, Annona cherimola and Annona reticulate.

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Benefits of Eating Custard Apple

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Here are 10 Benefits of Eating Custard Apple.

1. Immunity

Custard Apple, rich in Vitamin C, has many benefits. It supports immunity by fighting infection and disease and provides excellent relief from colds and coughs.

2. Anti-Cancer Properties

Cherimoya, i.e., Custard Apple, contains compounds like catechin, epicatechin, epigallocatechin, and flavonoids. These compounds prevent the growth of cancer cells and help fight cancer. However, regarding the benefits of eating custard apples, further research is still needed on how their compounds affect cancer.

3. Digestion : Benefits of Eating Custard Apple

As you know, fiber makes bowel movements easier. It improves the digestion of food by nourishing the intestinal bacteria. Let us tell you that one cup (160 grams) of Custard Apple contains about 5 grams of fiber.

4. Diabetes

Being a low glycemic index fruit, custard apple contains polyphenolic antioxidants. Consuming Custard Apples increases insulin production and glucose absorption, thereby controlling diabetes.

5. Heart Health

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Talking about Benefits of Eating Custard Apple, this Custard Apple controls high blood pressure. Rich in unsaturated fats and omega-6 fatty acids, custard apple strengthens the cardiovascular system.

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6. Possible Uses of Custard Apple in Pregnancy

Custard Apples contain high amounts of Vitamin A and C. Vitamin A and C help in fetal development. Its consumption also reduces the risk of miscarriage and eases labor pain. Benefits of Eating Custard Apple increases breast milk production after delivery. However, doctor’s advice should be taken before consuming it because there is no scientific evidence yet.

7. Improves Mood : Benefits of Eating Custard Apple

Custard Apple contains vitamin B6 or pyridoxine. Its consumption produces dopamine and serotonin. It is believed that neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin keep a person in a good mood. If there is a deficiency of these in the body, then stress, depression, and other mental health problems are seen.

8. Keeps Eyes Healthy

An antioxidant called lutein is found in custard apples. Lutein protects the eyes from free radicals. It is believed that eating Custard Apples keeps the eyes healthy. Its consumption does not cause diseases like cataracts, macular degeneration, etc.

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9. Keeps Skin Better

Custard Apple contains a protein called collagen. Collagen makes the skin elastic, soft, smooth, and youthful. It is believed that collagen production decreases with increasing age, due to which wrinkles, fine lines, and looseness start appearing on the face. In such a situation, Custard Apple can increase the production of collagen.

10. Good for Bone Health : Benefits of Eating Custard Apple

Custard apple contains vitamin K and phosphorus. Both are good for bone health. By consuming it, the person remains protected from osteoporosis and weakness.

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Nutritional Value of Custard Apple

The nutritional value of 100 grams custard apple is as follows:

Nutritional components Value 
Energy 101 kcal 
Total fats 0.6 g 
Protein 1.7 g 
Carbohydrate 25.2 g 
Dietary fibre 2.4 g 
Calcium 30 mg 
Potassium 382 mg 
Phosphorus 21 mg 
Iron 0.71 mg 
Magnesium 18 mg 
Sodium 4 mg 
Vitamin C 19.2 mg 
Vitamin B6 0.221mg 
Niacin 0.5 mg 
Riboflavin 0.1 mg 
Thiamin 0.08 mg 
Fatty acids 0.231 mg 
Tryptophan 0.007 g 
Methionine 0.004 g 
Lysine 0.037 g 
Vitamin A 33 IU 
Nutritional value of 100 grams custard apple

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