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The Man On A Mission: Ranking Tom Cruise’s Top 10 Movies

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Running at a fast pace, jumping from one building to another, and some action that gives goosebumps to your body are part of Top Cruise movies. If you have a bucket list, Tom Cruise’s Top 10 Movies is a must. Tom Cruise is a name with which you are familiar if you like action thrillers. If it is an action or suspense thriller, we think about him.

If you are bored with regular action movies or are a Tom Cruise die-hard fan, his movies will give you a different hit. His acting, the action sequence, and the story can make your experience a lot different.

Here are Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies, in which you will experience another world full of drama and a chase you will remember for a lifetime. Let us explore the movies and find out which one is the best one you like or which one you are willing to watch on your next movie night.

#1. Tom Cruise’s Top 10 Movies : Mission Impossible

To hate Mission Impossible is actually impossible, a movie that never disappoints the viewers with its impossible and blow your head mission. But where there is Tom Cruise, he makes the impossible possible in a smooth way.

The popularity of this franchise can be estimated by the love the audience showered on all the parts and is waiting for the next sequel to see what Tom Cruise will make possible out of impossible.

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The movie is in Tom Cruise Top 10 movies due to its heart-racing story, action, and, of course, the charisma of Cruise.

#2. The Last Samurai

The movie is from the 1900s in Japan. Cruise played the character of a Civil War veteran who was hired by the empire to train his army. The emperor wants to eliminate the last samurai.

But Algren, whose character was played by Tom Cruise, had fallen in love with the lifestyle of a samurai. The movie was expecting an Oscar but failed to get nominated; still, it’s Tom Cruise’s good work and can be included in Tom Cruise’s Top 10 movies list.

You can add this movie to Tom Cruise’s Top 10 movies and enjoy Japanese-style fights and, of course, Tom Cruise on screen.

#3. A Few Good Men

If you love legal thrillers, don’t miss out on this Top Cruise movie that should be in your Tom Cruise Top 10 movies.

A lawyer more interested in baseball than his own cases get serious about his work when an unusual case came to him and he found out about corruption issues in the armed forces.

At the end, he won the case and emerged as a more serious person for life.

The story got a spot on Tom Cruise Top 10 movies due to an outstanding thriller story, great twists, and an amazing cast.

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#4. Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise’s Top 10 Movies list will not be interesting if we do not include Edge of Tomorrow or Live, Die, Repeat. It is a sci-fi movie in which Cruise is stuck in a time loop. The movie will give you the experience of a video game in which the hero dies and comes back alive to fight.

The fighting skills of the warrior get better with each fight and level. You will see how he fights, dies, and comes alive to win.
The concept of the movie is different, and this is the reason it deserves to be on Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies list. Relive your Mario experience.

#5. Tom Cruise’s Top 10 Movies : Eyes Wide Shut

Based on the novel Traumnovelle, or Dream Story, this is a nice Sunday date movie that you can watch with your better half. The psychological erotica drama is the last movie of great director Kubrick.

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The story revolves around a doctor who knows about his wife’s affair and gets a shock from it. The movie is good for couples and can be a choice under Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies.

#6. Mission Impossible: Death Reckoning Part 1

If you are a Tom Cruise fan, then you have also been a fan of this franchise. Every Mission Impossible is unique, but the latest is the best so far. Without this movie, the bucket list of Tom Cruise’s Top 10 Movies would never be possible.

At the age of 61, he still holds the charm, and the stunts he performs are enough to consider him the best actor on the planet.

Add this movie to Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies list and watch the satisfying action and handsome Cruise take your heart away.

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#7. Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies : Knight And Day

Looking for an action comedy genre? Then you can add this movie to Tom Cruise’s Top 10 Movies. The movie will suit your taste Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz were highly appreciated for their acting skills.

The movie is a nice choice when you are planning a family movie night due to its nice combination of comedy and action.

#8. Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies : Oblivion

A sci-fi movie that is an underrated blockbuster in Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies. The earth was attacked by Scavengers to destroy it. The people of the earth won the war, but the earth remained uninhabited.

After the war ended, they discovered that an AI ship known as Tet was stealing Earth’s resources. You can add this movie to your sci-fi action list of Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies. You will get to know how Jack saved everything and lost a lot too.

#9. Tom Cruise’s Top 10 Movies : Collateral

This movie is considered a masterwork and is a must on the list of Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies. Tom Cruise, who has taken a contract to kill five witnesses, made a car driver a hostage. The can driver later realized that the person with him was a hitman.

The suspense, thrill, and action of the movie can surprise you. If you love fights and bloodshed, then this movie is for you.

#10. Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies : Top Gun

Top Gun is a military action drama, and that is the reason I have chosen it for Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies. Maverick, which is Tom Cruise, is a fearless student of the military, and as he is different from others, His ambitions are high, and he wants to be the best.

After its release, critics gave the movie mixed reviews, yet theaters showing it increased by 45 percent.

The soundtrack and visuals are awesome, and the young and dashing Cruise has a different vibe.

Tom Cruise’s Top 10 Movies : Conclusion

Tom Cruise is known to be the best action actor of all time. People still want to see him on the big screen every year.

I hope these Tom Cruise’s Top 10 Movies will be great for you, and if you are an action lover, then you will love them. Arrange popcorn and cold drinks, and enjoy your cozy weekends with these action, sci-fi, and thrillers Tom Cruise Top 10 Movies.

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