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What Is Phishing : Definition, Types & Prevention Tips

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What Is Phishing?

Phishing is a new type of online fraud. In this, people are cheated not in person but online. The person doing phishing asks you to share your personal information, like bank details or passwords. By doing this, he gives you some greed or some reason. The people involved in this online fraud talk very professionally and call themselves employees of a well-known company.

They make a person believe his lies to know his personal information like bank details or password. Many times, also happens through text messages or emails. Sometimes, such online attackers also make direct calls. To contact the person, they send messages, mail, or make phone calls using the name of their own bank or service provider.

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Victims of online fraud are often told that they must provide certain information to activate their bank account or for a security check. They often even scare people by discussing the closure of their bank accounts if the information is not given. Sometimes, fake websites have malware installed. And when you visit such a website, your personal information is stolen.

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Phishing Definition

Phishing occurs when someone tricks users into doing something like clicking on a spam link, causing them to download malware or direct them to a suspicious website. This can be done via text message, social media, or phone. The term ‘phishing’ is mainly used for attacks that come via email.

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Types of Fishing

  1. Email Phishing
  2. Trap Fishing
  3. Spear Phishing
  4. Angler Fishing
  5. Whaling
  6. Voice Phishing
  7. Text Phishing
  8. Pharming

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Prevention Tips For Phishing

The way to avoid online fraud or phishing is straightforward. For this, you must always be alert for phone calls, emails, and messages from unknown places. If you are unsure that you know the person who sent you an email or called you, do not share any information with such a person.

If someone tells you that you have yet to give this information, your account will not be activated or closed. So for this, you should call the company yourself. Keep in mind that for any information, contact us through the same phone number or mail ID written on the back of the bank statement, phone bill, or debit card.

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There are some other ways to avoid online fraud or phishing. For this, keep updating your computer and mobile device. The latest security software, web browsers, and operating systems can help protect you from viruses, malware, and other online threats.

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