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Meaning of The MR, MC, M+ And M- Buttons In Calculator

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Meaning of Buttons In Calculator : From childhood till now, we have all been using calculators. The Calculator has an essential place in our life. We have used it in school, from solving math formulas to doing household accounts. Earlier, we had to buy the Calculator separately, but now it is available on mobile. And as soon as a math type asks something, we take the mobile from our pocket and answer it. But, even after using the Calculator for so many years, we still have yet to learn the meaning of some of the special buttons it gives. This is the case with almost 90 percent of people. Cannot believe it? What is the Meaning of The MR, MC, M+, and M- Buttons In the Calculator?

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Maybe even you don’t know. Meaning of The MR, MC, M+ and M- Buttons In Calculator are provided in every Calculator. But, often, people do not use it. Because they do not know its meaning, so let us tell you what these five buttons are used for…

What is the function of the MS button?

The full name of MS is Memory Store. Memory Store Button is provided so you do not have to write any number repeatedly. At the time of calculation, you have to write the number repeatedly, write it once, and press the MS button. With this, that number will be saved forever in the memory of the Calculator so that you will not have to type that number again and again.

What is the function of the MR button?

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The full name of MR is Memory Recall (Meaning of Buttons In Calculator). This button is used to insert the saved number. Memory Recall button is used to know the result after a calculation.

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What is the function of the MC button?

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The full name of MC is Memory Clear. This button removes the number saved from the memory using the Memory Store Button. After this, you can save any other number in memory. We can clear all the calculations done so far with the memory clear button.

What is the function of the M+ button?

By pressing the M+ button, you can add any number to the saved number from the Memory Store button. The full name of M+ is Memory Plus. As the name suggests, it combines calculations in memory, i.e., multiplying two different numbers and getting their combined result.

Let us understand this with an example – Suppose you have ten notes of Rs 100 and 5 notes of Rs 200. You want to find out how much is your total. Are. To know from the Calculator, first, you will multiply 100 by 10. After this, we will press the M+ button.

By pressing M+, the result of this calculation will be automatically saved. Then, you will multiply 200 by five and press the M+ button once again. This will save both calculations. Then, we will push the MR button to know its result. MR, i.e., Memory Recall, is used to see the result.

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What is the function of the M-button?

Meaning of Buttons In Calculator : M- means Memory Minus. Memory Minus button subtracts any number from the number saved by MS itself.

Let us understand this with an example – Suppose you have ten notes of Rs 100 and 5 notes of Rs 200. We need to know the difference in rupees between Rs 100 and Rs 200 notes.

For this, first, we will multiply 100 by ten and press the M-button. After this, we will multiply 200 by 5. To know the result of this calculation, we will press the M-button. This way, we will get our answer.

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