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Stammering Meaning : Causes, Symptoms, And Prevention

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Stammering Meaning: Stammering is a common problem. Children often exhibit this behavior. But if the child does not stop stuttering even when he grows up, then it becomes a severe problem. Consider this as a symptom of a speech disorder. Some experts also call the problem of speech disorder or stuttering a Neurodevelopmental Disorder.

This is a condition in which children start stammering, due to which the execution network and speech-motor development are believed to be affected. Today, we will tell you about Stammering Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, and Stammering Remedies in children.

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Stammering Meaning

Stuttering is a common thing. Everyone, from children to adults, experiences the problem of stuttering. In adults, this often happens during an interview, while hearing unpleasant news from someone on the telephone, or while speaking in a crowd. Stuttering is common in such situations. But, if this problem always persists, you need to be careful. According to experts, boys experience the issue of stuttering five times more frequently than girls. However, in most children, this problem goes away with increasing age. But, this problem persists in some people. For this, they must take the help of speech therapy.

Stammering Causes

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To date, experts have not understood the causes of Stammering. The problem of stammering in many people or children is genetic. This means that such people already have issues with their parents or relatives. As children learn to speak, they often stutter, especially if their speech and language skills are poorly developed. In most children, its symptoms are very typical or minimal. And as they grow older, they learn to speak without Stammering.

Another reason for stammering in children is Neurogenic Stuttering. This happens when the signals between the brain, speech nerves, and muscles do not work correctly. Neurogenic Stuttering is often seen in children. However, adults can also be affected due to stroke or brain injury.

Neurogenic Stuttering can be caused by:

  1. Stroke
  2. Head trauma
  3. Ischemic Attack – temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain
  4. Tumor
  5. Degenerative diseases, such as Parkinson’s
  6. Meningitis
  7. Psychological factors

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Stammering Symptoms

During stuttering, the child often repeats a word or some part of that word. He needs to take more time to speak a word or sentence. According to the Speech-Language-Hearing Association of America, children take long breaths while stuttering. This problem is usually seen in children between 2 and 5 years old.

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Common symptoms associated with stuttering:

  1. Trouble saying a particular word, phrase, or sentence.
  2. Hesitation before pronouncing certain words.
  3. Repeating a word repeatedly, especially words starting with र, क, ज etc.
  4. Saying a word very fast.
  5. Get scared very easily.
  6. To repeat again and again.
  7. Mouth remaining open while speaking or words not coming out.
  8. Rapid blinking of eyelids.
  9. Trembling of lips.
  10. Trembling of legs.

Stammering Meaning : How Is Stammering Treated?

Treatment to cure the stuttering problem depends on the person’s age and communication status. With the help of a Speech-Language Pathologist, you can know which method will be best for you or your child.

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Stammering Meaning : Treatment For Children

To ensure that your child does not suffer from the problem of stuttering for a long time, you can seek help from a doctor if you notice the initial symptoms. Parents should also show patience while talking with the child and ask them to try to speak correctly.

Stammering Meaning : Stuttering Therapy

To overcome the problem of stuttering, both children and adults can adopt methods like breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, learning to speak slowly, and solving their anxiety problems.

Stammering Meaning : Medicines

There is no FDA-approved medicine yet for the treatment of stuttering. However, some drugs used for other problems are used to treat stuttering. For this, talk to your doctor or speech-language pathologist.

Medical Device

Researchers are trying to create a medical device that can help cure the problem of stuttering. More research is still needed on Stammering.

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