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Amazon Delivery Boy Salary And How To Become A Delivery Boy In Amazon?

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Nowadays, getting a job is challenging, especially when almost all the companies worldwide are busy firing their employees or cutting their salaries. But, we will tell you about a job where you can earn Rs 60,000 monthly by working just 4 hours. Yes, this is an Amazon Delivery Boy Salary.

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Amazon Delivery Boy Salary

Yes, this is the reality, and by working hard in this, you can earn a good amount. You must work for the world’s largest online shopping company for this. If you cannot do full-time, there is also the option of part-time. So let us tell you what you have to do about this.

How Do Delivery Boys Work?

While working as a delivery boy or delivery girl, you must deliver products or packages from online or retail companies to customers. As a delivery boy for Amazon, you must take packages from their warehouse and deliver them to the customers. A delivery boy delivers 100 to 150 packages in a day. A delivery boy delivers packages in an area of about 10-15 kilometers. However, Amazon’s shift is from 7 am to 8 pm. But, some delivery boys say they achieve their target by delivering 100-150 packages by working only for about 4 hours a day.

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How To Become A Delivery Boy In Amazon?

You must have a school or college degree to work as a delivery boy for Amazon. You must have your bike or scooter. To apply, visit Amazon’s site https://logistics.amazon.in/applynow. Most of the time, the place of the delivery boy remains vacant. Register through your email ID and complete the form to become a delivery boy on Amazon. If you have a scooter or bike, you must use it to deliver some products. The company also gives you big vehicles to deliver products in certain conditions.

The delivery boy has to make deliveries at the office and at home. However, it is the delivery boy who decides which product to deliver. From small items, you can also deliver fridge, TV, AC. This requires a big vehicle; Amazon provides big vehicles.

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How Much is Amazon Delivery Boy Salary?

Once you get the job, the company may teach you to deliver certain products. That means Amazon provides complete training for delivery. Once again, the work of a delivery boy at Amazon is temporary and on contract. Amazon gives regular salaries to its delivery boys every month. Amazon Delivery Boy Salary is 12 to 15 thousand rupees.

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In this, the cost of petrol is yours. But the maximum earnings for the delivery boy will come from the Rs 10 to 15 he gets for delivering each product or package. According to the company providing delivery service, if a delivery boy works for the whole month and delivers 100 packages every day. So he easily earns Rs 55,000 to Rs 60,000 per month from the Rs 10 to 15 he gets on delivering each product or package.

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