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10 Upcoming Netflix Series To Watch In 2024 [English And Hindi]

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Netflix is a powerhouse of entertainment that consistently produces original content that engages audiences worldwide. We will be going into the future of 2024 and will see what Netflix plans for us in 2024. In this article, We will enlist 10 soon-to-be-released Netflix series for 2024, which promise a distinctive and captivating viewing journey.

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#10. Griselda : Netflix Series For 2024

Netflix series for 2024 recently announced the release of Griselda in January 2024. The first look is also out, as are the photos of the limited series. This crime drama, which has been pushed back to January 2024, is based on a true story. This series stars Emmy-nominee Vergara as the main character, Griselda Blanco. The story revolves around a Colombian businesswoman who became responsible for the creation of one of the most profitable cartels in history.

#9. Chamkila

The Chamkila teaser has already been released by Netflix and the most important part is that this series is a tribute to Punjab’s very famous singer, Amar Singh Chamkila. Amar Singh Chamkila died at 27 but made a place in Punjabi music. And who will be a better cast member for this series than Diljit Singh? He is looking promising in the teaser and the insanely shocking part is that this is the first time he has been seen without a turban in a film or song. This series, Chamila, is number 9 of the Netflix series 2024.

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#8. The Witcher

The Witcher season four is coming on Netflix. As soon as Netflix announced its Netflix series for 2024, everyone became excited immediately. People are eager to watch Season 3, parts one and two, which are now on Netflix so go and watch if you haven’t. This is a supernatural show that revolves around Geralt, who is a mutated monster hunter who struggles to find his place in a world in which people often prove more wicked than beasts.

#7. You

You have been renewed for a fifth and final season and I know it made you sad but this final season will be worth watching in 2024. Although its release date is still not announced by Netflix, according to rumors, its last season will be out on Netflix in 2024. A very familiar face from Joe’s past may come back to haunt him which will be very interesting to watch. So You surely deserve a place in this Netflix series 2024.

#6. Delhi Crime : Netflix Series For 2024

A new season of Delhi Crime has been announced by Netflix India. In a video release, Netflix announced that Delhi Crime will return for a third season, probably in 2024. This series is a crime drama and one of the most famous crime shows that the audience has been waiting for eagerly is Delhi Crime Season 3. In this upcoming Netflix series for 2024, Delhi Crime deserves number six.

#5. Emily In Paris, Season 4

One of the most loved Netflix series, Emily in Paris, season 4, is coming soon. Its shooting was delayed so now it’s rumored that this Netflix series will be released in 2024. This series is based on Emily, who landed in France for her job but her professional and love lives take a turn when she meets Gabriel. This is an American romantic comedy-drama series that will blow your mind.

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#4. Mismatched

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When we are exploring the Netflix series for 2024 in this article, we can not forget this series. Mismatched returns for a third season after two strong seasons. The last two seasons of Mismatched got a lot of praise from the audience, especially from its star, Prajakta Koli, who is originally a famous YouTuber and content creator. Her journey from YouTube to Netflix inspires so many people, particularly the younger generation. The show is based on the novel “When Dimple Met Rishi” by Sandhya Menon and it worked well as a show too.

#3. Kota Factory

Kota Factory, one of the highest-rated shows on IMDb, is soon to be released on Netflix with another season. The show is based on the lives of engineering students during their preparation time at the coaching center in Kota. Students in Kota prepare for the toughest exams like JEE and Neet.

This show is all about these students’ struggles related to their careers, friendships, and love lives. Kota Factory’s famous character, Jeetu Bhaiya, also plays an important role in guiding and helping these students in this series.

#2. Wednesday, Season 2

This series became popular as soon as it aired in November 2022. The series revolves around Wednesday, the daughter of the Addams family. The series was a huge hit.

The star cast includes Jenna Ortega, who is known as the cream queen after her roles in Scream 5 and X. She has made a great contribution to making the series a blockbuster.

The series is the second most popular on Netflix after Stranger Things. Many viewers are waiting to see the next part of the series with excitement.

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#1. Stranger Things, Season 5 : Netflix Series For 2024

The most awaited Netflix series for 2024 is Starnger Things‘ last season. If you have watched the series, it has received a lot of love and appreciation from the viewers. The shooting of the last season started in June 2023.

We are hoping for another spine-chilling suspense and mystery as the closure series. The story of four friends who came across some supernatural powers To find the answers to their questions, they began a search, which led them to the mysterious secrets of the government.

The suspense and the secrets that they unfold are breathtaking and keep you bound to the series. If you have not seen Stranger Things, check out its last four seasons before you get your hands on the fifth one.

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Conclusion : Netflix Series For 2024

Netflix series for 2024 is going to be exciting, awaiting, and full of surprises. Their series is unique, with a strong storyline and a plot with twists and turns. There are many series that will advance their story and their upcoming seasons will be blockbusters or disappointing. We will decide after we watch it.

Chill out with Netflix and your wait will be over soon. If you have not seen the previous seasons of the listed series, watch them, as it will save you time. Enjoy the rise with Netflix.

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