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Tech Guide: How to Get Back The Stolen Phone And Lock or Erase Data Remotely

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It happens to us many times when we must remember to keep our phones somewhere. We need to remember where we have kept our smartphones. And sometimes someone steals our phone. But, in some cases, it is easy to find our Android phone using the Find My Phone feature in the smartwatch. Or we can find our phone by asking someone to call us from their phone. But, if our phone is lost or stolen outside the house, we have to take other measures to find it. Now, a similar feature has arrived. With this feature, you can find your Android phone. If not found, you can lock it remotely or erase the entire phone data if necessary.

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What should be done if the phone is stolen?

Smartphone theft has become a common thing now. And it is tough to avoid this from happening. If you have forgotten your phone at home or in a familiar place, you will find it. But we all must know what to do if the phone is stolen. If this happens, the first thing you will have to do is report your phone stolen. Phone theft can be reported online. After filing the online report, the FIR number of your stolen phone will be generated. By filing a report, you will be saved from the responsibility if someone does something wrong with your phone.

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Use Google’s Find My Phone Feature

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With a straightforward process from Google, you can get your Android phone back, lock it, and erase all data. Google’s Find My Phone feature allows Android users to locate their handset. With this, you can close it remotely by setting a PIN, passcode, or pattern, protecting your valuable data from falling into the wrong hands. Users can also send a message on the lock screen, requesting the return of the phone. This feature allows users to erase all of their Android phone data so that their data cannot be used for any malicious intentions.

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How can a stolen phone be recovered?

To locate, lock, or erase data on an Android phone, your phone must be on, signed in with your Google Account, connected to user mobile data or Wi-Fi, and have location settings turned on. Apart from this, their Find My Device setting should also be on. If all these things are there, then users should follow these simple tips:

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  1. Go to Android.com/find and sign in to your Google Account. After signing in, you will see ‘Your Phone’ in the top left corner. From here, you can see how much battery you have left on your phone and when it was online.
  2. It will show the probable location of the handset on Google Maps. If your phone can’t be found, you’ll see its last location.
  3. If your phone is visible at a nearby location, you can go there. After this, select the Play Sound option to make your phone ring non-stop for five minutes, even if it is set to silent.
  4. If your phone appears to be in a location you don’t know, don’t try to locate your Android phone yourself. Instead, take the help of the law.
  5. If you want to lock the screen, select the Secure Device option. With this, you can lock your phone, and the Google account will be signed out from the phone. You can also set a lock with this option if your phone is not locked.
  6. You can also choose the third option of Erase Device. This will delete all the data on your phone forever. But, after this, the Find My Device option will not work. If your phone is offline, data deletion will start as soon as the phone goes online. With this, you can prevent your phone’s data from falling into the wrong hands.

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