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Apple Vision Pro : Top Features, Price In India And Release Date

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These days, everyone is talking about Apple’s Vision Pro. People consider it the second biggest digital revolution after the Internet. Simply put, Apple Vision Pro is a computer we can now wear on our face like glasses. Through Vision Pro, computer output is projected directly into your eyes with two tiny but high-resolution displays. Apple Vision Pro controls its user interface through eye tracking and gestures, unlike computers currently controlled via keyboard, mouse, or touch screen. Apple’s Vision Pro is a technology that can make life easier for visually impaired people. In this article, we will learn the top features of Apple Vision Pro.

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#1. 3D Layered Responsive Design

There may be a plethora of mixed-reality headsets in the country, but many of these headsets need to put the digital world in front of the real world. However, this is not the case, as Apple’s Vision Pro has a 3D layered UI. Vision Pro utilizes overlay advanced technology, setting it apart from other headsets.

However, the best part about being three-dimensional is that the Vision Pro’s digital overlay is dynamic. Because of this, it reacts to natural light and casts virtual shadows on surfaces.

This is made possible through LiDAR sensors, which, along with the front cameras, perform 3D mapping of your environment. This complex 3D layering provides an experience where you forget the difference between your and layered worlds. This responsive design is completely scalable for the user. It can efficiently serve for general work, entertainment, and even gaming.

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#2. Displays Better Than 4K TVs

People often complain about low-resolution displays, as it causes strain and swelling in the eyes. Although Vision Pro has fixed this, it has only partially. However, the display inside is one of the best features of the Apple Vision Pro.

This headset features a dual micro-OLED panel with 23 million pixels. These displays also support a wide color gamut and high dynamic range. Although the exact resolution has yet to be revealed, each display is believed to surpass the resolution of a 4K TV.

#3. Apple Vision Pro : Environmental Support

Despite being a mixed-reality headset, Apple Vision Pro can turn the real world into a virtual one. Although the headset has more of a UI in the real world, it also allows some beautiful landscapes to be seen.

According to the company, Vision Pro has a feature called “Environments.” Enabled by the Digital Crown, these Environments are beautiful and immersive landscapes that appear around the headset wearer.

The intensity of environments can be adjusted. Whether you’re watching a movie on an airplane or busy in a meeting, you can watch the world change behind you by turning the crown.

#4. Apple Vision Pro : VisionOS

The 3D layered responsive design we told you about above is one of its many interactive UI elements. Apple has also launched a dedicated operating system called visionOS. This new OS is built from the ground up for spatial computing. It includes many features, including a three-dimensional interface, a redesigned app store, and an immersive environment.

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#5. Dual Micro OLED Display

Apple’s Vision Pro Dual is equipped with a Micro OLED Display. It has a custom 3D lens lets you see AR content in everything you watch. It also features foveated rendering to show the highest resolution image of the area you are viewing.

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#6. Apple Vision Pro : Apple Eyesight

Because you get entirely lost in the Vision Pro’s environments, Apple has made sure you pay as much attention to the people outside as you do to the people inside. This MR headset has a unique feature called “Eyesight,” allowing the user’s eyes to see outsiders. This is made possible by an external display that allows light to appear as if the Vision Pro has become transparent.

The primary purpose of Apple’s Eyesight is to ensure that you stay connected to the people around you, even while using the Vision Pro. Because of this, it can be considered the best feature of Apple Eyesight Vision Pro.

#7. Capture Spatial Photos And Video

Apple Vision Pro has spatial audio, but there is no shortage of surround sound either. Spatial photos are the most prominent feature of Apple Vision Pro. The Vision Pro has multiple front-depth sensors to capture 3D-like images and videos.

That means photos and videos captured by Vision Pro will have more depth and realism, making them tangible. According to Apple, viewing captured photos and videos even years later will make you feel as if you were there at that moment.

#8. No Additional Equipment Required

Till now, almost all Apple phones required purchasing several separate devices. But Vision Pro is different. The Vision Pro will come without any controllers or additional equipment. To operate this headset, the user only has to use his hands, eyes, and voice.

The headset has four sensors to sense the user’s finger and wrist gestures to provide input to the device. It’s a bold move by Apple to rely entirely on its camera and sensor hardware. Nonetheless, this is one of the best features of the Apple Vision Pro.

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Apple Vision Pro Price In India

The dollar price of the Apple Vision Pro is $3,499. The price of Apple Vision Pro in India can be around Rs 2,88,700. According to Apple, this first Mixed Reality headset will be available early next year through Apple.com and Apple retail stores in the US. However, official information regarding Apple Vision Pro’s launch date in India has yet to be released.

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